Sunday, 1 April 2012

Advance your career with a professional certification

Striving for career improvement in an economy with 8.3 percent unemployment is a tall order. If you reside in a state hit hardest by the recession, upward mobility in any given career is most likely stagnant. For example, professionals in Nevada contend with a 12.7 percent unemployment rate, which makes it next to impossible to switch positions in the hopes of climbing the corporate ladder. Californians, who are dealing with a high 10.9 percent unemployment rate and tax conditions unfavorable to businesses, worry about corporate flight. Yet in spite of seemingly daunting employment conditions, career improvement can be as simple as adding a professional certification to your resume.

Does this mean that you find yourself back in school, re-learning how to study for a test, and taking out sizable student loans? Not necessarily. In fact, there is a good chance that you already have copious life experience, hands-on, and professional skills that could easily translate into a professional certification. Microsoft, Cisco, and Oracle certifications usually do not call for lengthy school attendance. Applicants can peruse study literature online and prepare for the certification exams outside of a traditional course. Educated professionals already working in their chosen fields may also be able to study for the CPA, CFA or PMP certifications without having to return to school for a couple of years. Do you have to go it alone and re-learn how to study for a test? No; even here there are quick, simple, and surprisingly easy solutions for the professional ready to spruce up the resume. With the help of, you can find a local study partner to motivate you, hold you accountable for staying on track, and also to spur you on to stay committed to the certification goal. You return this favor to your study partner simply by doing likewise. In some cases, a group study setting is the most conducive environment to staying motivated and internalizing materials. Here, too, can help with access to a number of local study buddies eager to enter a group study setup. Meet online, at the local coffee shop, before work, after the kids are in bed, or whenever your schedule permits. With so many study partners in your area, it is easy to connect with like-minded professionals who face similar demands on their schedules.

Why not test study buddy advantages by giving a try? Who knows, in addition to meeting with professionals for career advancement, you may also network with industry insiders who know of open jobs and career positions that are not generally advertised. With no downsides but plenty of upsides, test study preparation thrown in, and career improvement firmly in your sights, is it not time that you get proactive and get your career moving again?


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