Sunday, 4 March 2012

Preparing for the SAT/ACT

A college degree is necessary in order to have a successful career. High scores on college readiness exams will help improve chances of college acceptance, which is extremely important when pursuing a long-term career. A college degree will increase employment opportunities and lead to possible promotions in the workplace. 

How to Get into College

Most colleges review application forms, essays and grade point averages to determine which students will be accepted. Many students that have received a high school diploma can be accepted into a college, but only students with higher than average scores on the SAT or ACT will receive scholarships or be accepted to elite universities.

What is the SAT/ACT Test

The SAT tests abilities in mathematics, writing and critical reading. The ACT is an achievement test that assesses students’ understanding of English, reading, science reasoning and mathematics, and it includes an optional writing examination. 

Preparing for the Exam

In order to prepare for exam, students are encouraged to find a partner or join a group study to increase motivation and improve study habits. They can also take pretests to help them prepare for exam.

A study partner is a common and helpful way to prepare for an examination. This method allows students to ask questions, explain answers and time each other. It is best to select someone who complements your strengths and weaknesses.

A group study helps many students by increasing accountability. When more people are depending on each other, the rigor of having a study appointment with a group will strengthen motivation for preparing for the exam.

Students that are having difficulty finding a study partner should visit The website allows students to select partners that best suit their study needs and learning styles. They can discuss questions and test formats, which will lead to high exam scores. Visiting the website is the first step in making every college and career dream come true.